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Counselling & Coaching with Ranie Kitingan


Feeling down and defeated in life because of your relationship?

Have you been frustrated over broken relationships after another?

If you are sick and fed up of this cycle and ready to change your life, this session is for you. 

In this session, Ranie will identify to the root of what could be causing your relationship problems and guide you into what you should be working on to have the love that you dream of. 

Ranie coaches both women and men. 

Ranie is a certified trauma release practitioner and is currently the only practitioner in Malaysia certified in the MA Technique. Want to know more about Ranie? Visit her About Me Page.


Please fill in the "Personal Session Form" before purchasing your session.


*All her sessions are conducted through online video chat.

*All sessions are private and confidential. Client should be alone without any distractions during the session.

*By booking my services, you agree to our Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do for this consultation?

A client may be traumatized, depressed, feel lost or just need some guidance, you do not have to do anything but just relax, we'll talk about it. If I ask you about your situation you need to be completely honest with me, or else I may not be able to help you.

How many sessions would I need?

Ranie recommends at minimum 2 sessions. We cannot cover everything about your relationship issues within just one session. The first session will be towards identifying the root problem of your issues. However, if you already feel confident after one session, then one session is enough. 

Will a counselling session heal me and my problems?

Just by sharing your problems and having a conversation about it can already be so healing. It may provide a sense of comfort and support. It can even give a person motivation, insight as well as inspiration to move on from their situation. It can be empowering.


The next course of action a client takes after a session determines their success in combating the issue. Every person's  emotional level is different. You may or may not heal depending on your willingness to accept changes and follow the guide Ranie has given.


If you would like a dramatic and faster emotional & spiritual shift, you can book a Trauma Release & Rebalancing Session with Ranie. 

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