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DFW Book

Secrets To Male Attraction

This book is a bite size version of the Feminine Elite Woman Workshop. Recommended for all women whether you are single and looking, in a relationship, engaged, married, divorced or recently broke up, this book is for you!

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You can begin reading right away!

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(Malay version is only available in E-book format)

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Private Healing Session or 1 on 1 Coaching


Ranie is a trained and certified trauma release practitioner. She is the only practitioner certified in the MAT Technique in Malaysia. 

This healing technique uses a gentle and effective process, without the client having to relive the point of trauma(that can be re-traumatizing). The client does not even have to remember what happened in order to have a healing and restore a harmonious emotional balance. 

Ranie recommends complementing this package with the Feminine Elite Woman Workshop for fast, dramatic but realistic transformational healing.


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Hello, my name is Ranie Kitingan. I am a trauma release practitioner, relationship coach and personality reader expert. Since 2017 I have been helping men and women uncover their greatest potential with 90-99% accuracy. I have also worked with men and women in releasing emotional trauma that is preventing them from progressing in life. Numerology and working with emotional trauma gives me a deep insight behind relationship patterns between the feminine and masculine energies.

In coaching my clients, I see patterns in women who were initially desperate and in their masculine mode, saw their shifts from being single to being in a committed relationship and getting married. All programs have been the basis of all my findings in working with my clients and finally get their desired results.

For any info or inquiries, contact

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All information obtained from Ranie Kitingan or anything written or said by her, is to be taken solely as advisory in nature. Ranie Kitingan will not be held personally, legally or financially liable for any action taken based upon their advice. Anyone using the information in this website acknowledges that they have read and understand the details of this disclaimer. The principles and key points taught in all feminine line products are guidelines and suggestions for the client. The client takes full responsibility for the way they utilize and exercise information in all feminine line products in this website. 

Although we've had many success in getting women reach their desired outcome through our guidance and educational tools, the responsibility for empowering attractive elite feminine capabilities is solely with you and your consistent effort on applying them in your life. Therefore, all of our products do not constitute a warranty, guarantee or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using any specific product. While Ranie's products and services are sold and advertised in good faith, results and outcomes do vary with every client and cannot be guaranteed. 

Disclaimer & Legal

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