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Choose Your Payment Method

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Please make your payment to:

5601 9309 3023 (Maybank)



Birth Date Analysis (Full Version)

1 x  RM66.66 

NP: RM79.99

- or -

Combo Package

Birth Date Analysis (Full Version)

+ Ancestral Report @ RM99.99 

NP: RM111.11

Please email your transaction details to

along with your:

1. Name

2. Full birth date

3. Type of reading: Full Version / Combo


(I will respond within 24 hours)

**Kindly make sure that your email isn't full to avoid rejecting emails from me**

20230922_173756- ELL.jpg


Jump the que and receive your birth date analysis within 24-48hrs.

This is an option to jump the queue as most likely, Ranie's waiting list is booked for a few weeks. A client may typically receive their birth date analysis report within 7-21 days. This is an offer for urgent readings.

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