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General Consultation @ RM69.99

This is a general consultation if you do not wish to do a birthdate calculation report or custom made bracelet, but have a question regarding your current situation and seeking some guidance in life. 


This service can be paired with a birthdate calculation report upon client request. 


In a general consultation, you will share with me the obstacles or question you are seeking the answer for in your current life. We will have a back and forth conversation before I give my final perspective in pdf format(or within your birth date report if paired together).


This perspective is not meant to give you a direct answer because the final decision is for you to make. I am merely giving you perspectives to look at that may help you in deciding what's best for you.


All conversations are done via Whatsapp, Telegram or email. You are also welcome to send in your details by voice note or video if that is how you express comfortably. I need your details in written or verbal recording in order for me to review it and write my perspective.


**If you feel that it is more of a trauma issue, I recommend taking an MAT coaching session with me instead.

By booking any of my services, you agree with my Terms & Conditions

General Consultation: Product
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do for this consultation?

Be honest with me when I ask about your problem. I can only help you as much as the information that you provide for me.

Is there any live online consultation for this service?

This is a light general consultation that only requires a conversation via chat. Live online sessions are for Trauma Release & Rebalancing, Counselling & Coaching services only.

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