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Balancing and healing of the third eye chakra (ajna) the centre of intuition, wisdom and expanded perspective.  This pendant brings super consciousness, presitge, elevated status and blesses wearer with prosperity.


A pendant that gives the wearer foresight and wisdom to make suitable decisions, increase in mental clarity, fame, creative expression, balance emotions as well as optimism in life. This pendant also may attract good luck, blessings and wealth. It is a manifestation amplifier. Bringing into physical manifestation to goals that the wearer is determined to achieve. It also gives power of command, loyalty, success, fame, boldness and wealth to the wearer if it is their desire.


Contains: Resin, 1 copper wrapped quartz, ruby, tanzanite, blue sapphire, orange kyanite, super 7, satin spar selenite, high quality premium superfine copper shavings


Size: As in Picture


Bail Color: Gold


This pendant comes with a soft flannel pouch.


*This pyom contains high grade limited edition copper material





**While I love making them look aesthetically nice as possible, my primary goal is that it functions well to benefit my customers on an energetic level. There may be slight imperfections, bubbles or rough patches bringing character to each piece. Please take note before you place an order.


- All Pyomizers regardless of shape and color have the same function which is to attract negative orgone energy as well as EMF radiation and produce life force, positive orgone energy on an ongoing basis.


- The only difference is the type of crystals used, the intention behind the making of the PyOm and the size.


- Because this item contains natural form materials, no two pieces will look the same. There will be no remakes. Every single PyOmizer is made uniquely.

[Pyom Pendant] Focus, Amplify Manifestations, Aura Protection, Abundance