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A feminine pyom that emits the energy of attraction and love, connects wearer to their feminine essence, a natural state of being that attracts and entices the divine masculine. Enhances fertility, emotional stability and self love. Increases a woman's self empowerment through aspects of her sense of identity, self esteem, personal boundaries and passions in life that attracts abundance to her life. 


This pyom is perfect for women who are learning to love themselves, radiate their feminine beauty from within and want to attract a new relationship. 


Contains: Resin, 1 x copper wrapped raw quartz, rose quartz, strawberry quartz, sphatik quartz, kunzite, moonstone, rhodonite, amazonite, satin spar selenite, copper shavings, brass shavings


Size: As in picture / XL Pyramid

Color: Galaxy Pink





**While I love making them look aesthetically nice as possible, my primary goal is that it functions well to benefit my customers on an energetic level. There may be slight imperfections, bubbles or rough patches bringing character to each piece. Please take note before you place an order.


- All Pyomizers regardless of shape and color have the same function which is to attract negative orgone energy as well as EMF radiation and produce life force, positive orgone energy on an ongoing basis.


- The only difference is the type of crystals used, the intention behind the making of the PyOm and the size.


- Because this item contains natural form materials, no two pieces will look the same. There will be no remakes. Every single PyOmizer is made uniquely.

[XL Pyramid] Self love, Attract Love, Feminine Energy, Feminine Attraction

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