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(15 Minutes)


If you've ever joined my free live sessions on my social media platforms, this is kind of how I will be talking to you. I will analyze or 'dissect' your birth date and give you my personal perspective in your reading.


Please read carefully for this reading:


1. This is not a full detailed reading such as a Birth Date Analysis report. However, in this 15 minute recording, I will give you pointers (that may not be available in the usual Birth Date Analysis report) should you find yourself stuck in a situation and also answers that you might have questions to from my numerology perspective. 

2. I will also reveal your strong traits and financial energy.


3. Please be realistic with the questions you might have following your reading. You can ask me two(2) follow up questions.


4.  If you want to know more about your birth date, you may book a full birth date analysis here or general consultation service.


5.  At the moment, the current processing for your reading is 2 weeks as I often have a waiting list in que. I will record your reading in mp3 file and email it to you.

6. Language: English & Malay

By booking any of my services, you agree with my Terms & Conditions

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