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Recovering The Gratitude State
of Consciousness

The state of gratitude is one of the highest states of consciousness a human can be in. We all know that a state of gratitude allows one to be in the flow of life, emotional bliss, neutrality, worry-free, anxiety-free, presence, accepting,  loving and vibrationally conducive to manifest their desires in life.

A state of consciousness is not the same as emotions. A state of consciousness is a state that is running in the background almost like a default to our consciousness. Whereas emotions are highly volatile and exhausting when heightened from two ends of the spectrum. However, one can have heightened emotions and still be in a state of gratitude as this state is their default state running in the background.

We ALL have the resources of being in a state of gratitude, however, one may not be able to access it due to blocks and traumas that we forget or we are not conscious of what if feels like to be in this beautiful and peaceful state. This powerful session helps to recover this state.

In this 2-3 hour session(duration can vary for each person to be longer or shorter), I will be gently working with your Triune minds and the master cell. I will also be continuing the healing remotely for the next 7 days. A client is required to do a Trauma Release & Rebalancing session prior to doing this session.


Please note that this session is not a replacement for any professional medical or psychotherapeutic advice but used as a complement with existing treatments.

All sessions are conducted through online video call, so you can be comfortable doing it anywhere. It doesn't matter whether done through voice chat, video conference or in person, healing can still happen.


1 Session @ RM1999 (Local & Asia Price)

$1299USD (International Price)

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