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Custom Made Chakra bracelet: Product



**Larger wrists will have a slight increase in price

A custom bracelet can be done separately from a birthdate calculation report. To determine the stones for your bracelet I will need the following details: 

1. Your name.

2. Problems in life if any (the more details you give me, the more I can understand your situation and give you the accurate stones)

3. Intentions in life.

4. Your full birthdate.

Please get a consultation from me first before making your purchase.


All of my gemstones are raw and natural with no treatment or color enhanced that is essential for its effectiveness. So sometimes there may be small dents, holes or natural inclusions in them. 

You can be sure that all my handmade bracelets are handled in the most respectful and loving intentions, in a high vibration environment. They are cleansed and energized with healing sound frequencies and my special energetic intentions before they are sent to you.

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