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​Trauma Release & Rebalancing
Healing Session

I truly believe that emotional trauma is behind every manifestation of ailments in the body and the root cause that prevents a person from progressing in life, express their true authentic self to the fullest and go after their dreams. Most people are not aware of this and succumb to living in disempowerment. Some people are aware but are stuck with their traumas. Some people take years of therapy to heal, but it does not have to be this way.


This healing technique uses a gentle and effective process, without the client having to relive the point of trauma(that can be re-traumatizing). The client does not even have to remember what happened in order to have a healing and restore a harmonious emotional balance. 

The effectiveness and how fast a client heals varies with every client. Emotional issues can be resolved instantly or within a period of days depending on the severity however, physical issues may need a few sessions depending on the severity also. 

Healing & Coaching that I work with:

  • Release abundance blocks

  • Blocks around self love

  • Feminine/masculine energy & trauma related to relationships 

  • Fear of success

  • Emotional & physical trauma release

  • Disconnection Process (This process resolves the karmic contract or energy connection with a person that no longer serves your highest good.) Important note: If this person you are disconnecting with is biologically related to you, this process is good for bringing balance back into relationship dynamics. If you are not related and the relationship serves no purpose in your life any more, than a disconnection will take place over a 2 to 5 week period. A Disconnection Process will either fully disconnect OR improve a non-biological relationship. Please be clear on this especially if this is your spouse or someone significant in your life you are disconnecting with.

  • Dimensional Work (Achieving your desires and soaring in life)

  • Ancestral trauma healing (Reclaim your freedom from ancestral programing that are keeping you from expressing your truth and unique potentials in life.


The end result of a healing session is countless. Not only will you heal yourself within, you heal your relationships with your family, your ancestors and generational trauma, you feel happier, reclaim your self worth and boundaries, you feel calmer & relief from everyday struggles. Imagine how it would feel like to be in a consistent state of peace.


You open new doors to make choices, this time, from a place of power. That is your given birth right state by default.

Please note that Trauma Release and Rebalancing Healing session is not a replacement for any professional medical or psychotherapeutic advice but used as a complement with existing treatments.

All sessions are conducted through online video call, so you can be comfortable doing it anywhere. It doesn't matter whether done through voice chat, video conference or in person, healing can still happen.

Release & Rebalance Package @ RM333 (Malaysia & Asia)

Session 1: Intuitive Assessment (60 to 90 minutes) 

Session 2: Release & Rebalancing Healing Session (Up to 75 Minutes)

**Once a session has been completed no refunds will be made. Don’t worry about this too much as we will have a great time and powerful transformations!**

Please read the "Frequently Asked Questions" page before booking a session.

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