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Prebirth, Conception & Birth 
Trauma Healing

Your whole existence did not just start when you were in the womb. Every part of your biological make up was formed since your ancestors, down to your mom and dad and down to you. The emotional stress of your parents and their state of consciousness before your conception, as well as your term in the womb greatly affects your identity, belief systems around receiving, boundaries and internal harmony today.


Among the things I will gently address in this session:


The key developmental events before conception that can have a tremendous impact on one's consciousness, identity, emotional resistance, & the quality of your life.

- Your father's emotional state (or stress) - the sperm

- Your mother's emotional state (or stress) - the egg

- Conception (Sperm enters egg)

- Blastocyst before/after attaching to the wall stages

- The amniotic fluid, fetal stress, placenta & umbilical cord

- Identity overlap with mother

- Trauma developed during birth

The end goal of a session is for you to feel at peace, ready to move on and  progress in life! 

Integration may take 7 to 21 days after the session. You may feel much calmer, a stronger connection with life force and the universe, release or relief in emotions/anxiety and physical improvement which varies with each individual as everyone processes healing differently.

This is a separate package from the Trauma Release & Rebalancing Healing Session. It is highly recommended to do a Trauma Release & Balancing session prior to doing this session.

*Ranie will occasionally host a live group Womb Trauma Healing session via Zoom Meeting(40 minutes).

Stay tuned for the next one announced on Instagram.

1 Session @ RM289

75 Minutes

(Local & Asia)

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