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Recommended for children

What will you receive in your report?

🕉️ Tells you purely your strengths & weaknesses so you can develop them more to your advantage financially
🕉️ Business and career that is best suited for your element type
🕉️ Business to avoid
🕉️ Colors to enhance aura for your element type


This report would also be the suitable choice for your children.

Your report will be emailed to you or sent through Whatsapp (which ever is your preference) in pdf format.

This report is in English and Bahasa Malaysia, if you need it in full Malay, adviced to go on Google to self translate. If you are from outside of Malaysia, do request for the full English version report.

I do not do rushed work. Please allow 20 days for me to complete your report. You may receive your report within days or by 20 days depending on the waiting list. In the mean time, I hope for your patience and understanding for your report as I take time to analyze each and every person's birthdate thoroughly to ensure full and accurate results. 

For testimonies and feedback on birth date report, click here.

By booking any of my services, you agree with my Terms & Conditions

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