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Ratna Soul PyOmizer(Pyramid Om Energizer) or PYOM: Shop


This device is basically an Orgonite. In Ranie Ratna Soul, we call it a PyOmizer (Pyramid OM Energizer). My PyOmizers are available in custom made and readily made. You can also find a PYOM that is suitable for you from my shop section. Which ever PYOM you decide to get,  all of them function to protect you and your space from EMF radiation, deadly orgone energy, while transmuting them into positive life energy wherever it is placed.

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Ratna Soul PyOmizer is a device that accumulates deadly orgone energy and transmutes it into positive orgone energy - also known as energy that brings life, prana, chi, mana, zero point energy. It neutralizes deadly orgone into energy that is safe and conducive for life. Wherever this device is placed, it is emitting and transmuting positive orgone energy on an ongoing basis. Place them by your plants and they will grow healthier. Place small devices around your house or area and they will synchronize with each other to become a mega orgone generator. It has been said that if you have an unfriendly neighbour and place these devices outside, they will either be friendly, lively or move away.


A PyOmizer transmutes surrounding low vibration emotions from the ether, bringing complete calmness and neutralness to the atmosphere. Places with strong negative emotions like anger, despair, resentment, grief, sadness, or regret tend to attract like type of energies and even entities. So it is always a good idea have a PyOmizer at home.

Why is this important?

Because technology like 5g, cell towers, wifi, electronic devices and satellites are silently pumping deadly radiation that contributes to human and life illness. I love technology, but there's no mistake I had felt the effects of too much deadly orgone hence why I started making these PyOmizers as art and my very own positive energy generator.  I became interested in making this device after purchasing an "Orgonite" online that had a lot of crystals and gold foil inside, that was so beautifully made but does not function as an Orgonite at all (I later found). There was little to no metal shavings in it. You can see many of these pyramids sold online with little metal in them and lots of crystal chips at hefty prices. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a lot of metal shavings in order for it to function properly. It can be seriously harmful when not done properly.   

Since I started making PyOmizers, our mango tree at home was (strangely) bearing fruit abundantly throughout the year that strangers  stopped by and couldn't help to ask for our mangos. A lot of clearing has been done at home, the energy is light, I sleep so much better and so many great experiences I have attracted on a financial, business and personal development aspect. There is just that burning desire to improve yourself by being a better version of you and improving your surroundings. People who have bought my PyOms have experienced this, some even reported the pain in their body disappeared! This is what I hope to give to everyone with my Pyomizers.

If you are new to my PyOmizers, I recommend getting 1 piece first, simply because the effects can vary for everyone. Some people felt so good immediately, some became emotional, some people who are sensitive to energy like myself had trouble sleeping for the first few nights. I also felt exhaustion, tensed muscles and vivid dreams. Other feedback that I received are having nightmares, headaches, dizziness and migraines. When this happens, understand that this is normal.


Think of it like this, this device helps to deepen sleep and meditation, so there will be some heightened sensitivity or intense detoxification on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. We have all adapted with the radiation that is being pumped in the atmosphere, so when a super high vibration device is placed, a disruption happens. Deadly orgone energy is being forced out and positive prana energy is taking its place that is causing the side effects. Some people will notice their eating habits have changed. Whatever side effects you are experiencing, it will always end with positive energy and positive results eventually. 

Ratna Soul PyOmizers are made with love and peace. Every quartz crystal has been cleansed and energized with prayers. No further cleansing is needed after that. Each piece is done uniquely and once it's sold, it's gone. A PyOmizer will cleanse, purify and broadcast high vibration energy wherever it is placed. There are not many research about this online, but I have found that a PyOmizer is also effective with low vibration spirits. They are not able to be near this device because they feel pulled by it. I do make PyOmizers with specific intentions for customers if they believe their house is haunted, being haunted, have stubborn spirits that won't leave and for breaking curses/hexes.


🕉️ Place in areas with heavy radiation, by your bedside, office, outside, living room, or your sacred space. Great for gifts as well.

🕉️These PyOmizers may have imperfections like bubble holes, irregular surfaces, lines, rough patches as with all handmade items, adding character to every piece, but rest assured they do not affect its function.

🕉️ I do not mass produce. Each PyOmizer is crafted carefully with care, love & respects. 

🕉️ Each PyOmizer is the first and last piece (No remake).

🕉️ It doesn't matter which PyOmizer you get, ALL of them function as transmuting deadly orgone energy into positive or life force energy.

🕉️ What I list as the metaphysical properties of each PyOmizer is the intention behind it, but know that it can do so much more than that. 

~ If these PyOmizers are spread everywhere, together we can generate a mega orgone generator for a healthy atmosphere for everyone. ~💕

Click to read feedbacks (Names have been hidden to protect my client's privacy).

Visit my official Instagram account for more reviews!

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Ratna Soul PyOmizer

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