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Relationship Coach | Numerology Teacher | Certified Trauma Release Practitioner |Author

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Who is Ranie: Who is Ranie

Ranie Kitingan is the founder of Ranie Ratna Soul. As a wife and mother, she is very passionate to heal people from their misery and empower them with the skills, abilities & knowledge that she has, to the best of her abilities.

She is a local author, trauma release facilitator and numerology coach based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Her life is dedicated to coaching clients to empower themselves by realizing their true potentials from the numbers that appear in their birth date with 90-99% accuracy. Occasionally she will host workshops to empower women, speak at women social events, host free birth date calculation live on Tiktok, host group meditation sessions online and relationship workshops. 


She works extensively with women who have lost their sense of self and self esteem due to past traumas, helping them regain their personal power, feminine energy and self love for a successful relationship, attract abundance and harmonious life in general.


She is currently the only certified practitioner in Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT) in Malaysia, a gentle healing process that resolves and releases emotional trauma behind ailments, addictions, ancestry trauma, dis-empowerment and emotional stress, without having the client to relive the original trauma and results can be instantaneous. Ranie was certified by Evette Rose in the advanced level of MAT in 2019 at Sydney, Australia. And once again for Rapid Growth MAT Level 3 in November 2021.


In numerology, her method used is the Pythagorean calculation. She was mentored by the late Dato Xifu Ihsan and has done numerous research through her own client database. She is now teaching her calculation methods and research through her online course which can be found in the site. Now, more people are able to discover about themselves accurately and help others recognize their hidden potentials. 


After researching and calculating thousands of birth dates in 8 years, Ranie discovered a remarkable correlation between the numbers in one's birth date, their ancestral lineage and their highest purpose in life.


There are no mistakes in our births!

"I know for sure the power that lies within me that heals this world. I have every intention to use it to the maximum of my abilities to heal people and demonstrate that they have that power too.  The more people we heal, the more we heal earth."    

You are divinely loved.

Ranie Kitingan


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Interview with Nera at Kupi Kupi FM


Evette Rose & Ranie Kitingan

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Numerology Course

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Meet The Team

Outstanding individuals behind Ratna Soul Numerology. 

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Sheila Paimil



Natalie Christine

Numerology Consultant


Itsume Jeimis

LIVE TikTok Host Numerologist


Carolren Vinnie

Numerology Consultant

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Vera Chung

Numerology Consultant

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