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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you perform a healing?

The technique that I use throughout all my healing sessions is the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT). It is a gentle yet effective technique that does not require a client to relive their traumas or even know where it originated from in order to heal. For more info about the technique, click here.

What goes on in a trauma release coaching session?

Before the actual healing process, we will go through a discovery session to discuss and uncover possible root causes that are keeping traumas in place and keeping you blocked in life.


I will intuitively connect with your body to gently release and complete trauma as well as balance instinctive responses to bring your natural state into surface which is peace, calmness and neutrality.  

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients feel an instant emotional and spiritual shift in their first session. Physical changes vary from person to person as everyone processes healing differently. Depending on the severity of a person's trauma, one may require 2-3 sessions. Most of my clients are done with just one session. Some of my clients will take up a second session even after their first session has resolved their issues as they become more self aware on new traumas that have come up.

What do you require from a client before a session?

I require a client to be transparent with me about their problems and issues. I can only help you as much as you allow your complete honesty towards yourself and me as the practitioner. Some personal things may be embarrassing or hard to talk about, that is okay, there is always a work around, but you at least need to have some acknowledgement.


Your healing session is highly confidential and should be done alone in your own privacy with no distractions.

After a session is complete, you will then take full responsibility and power towards your own life. The final step will be made by you, which is the choices that you make in life after this, knowing that you have free will.

What type of healing or coaching do you specifically work on?

I work specifically on emotional trauma and emotional stress. However, physical ailments or pain may heal as a flowing effect of a session.  I do not work with clients who are on prescription or recreational psychoactive drugs unless it is working on the emotional trauma causing the addiction. 

Can children take a healing session?

Yes children can take a session, however, I require the parent or guardian of the child to do a healing session FIRST if the child is under 18 years old. 

Can pregnant women do a healing Session?

Although the (MAT) technique is generally a safe modality, I would only recommend doing a session after the first trimester.

Is a coaching contradictory to my religion or faith?

A coaching session is free from any form of faith and religion. You would do a coaching session just how you would meet any professional that you wish to engage in. Our biological make up is just the same for every human on earth and will work for anyone.

What do I do after a session and what can I expect?

Do not consume alcohol within 72 hours and take a full day rest. A client will often feel a sense of calmness and peace after the session, however the full integration takes 7 days and up to 21 days. A client may experience a healing 'detox' or none within the 7 day period. Every client experiences healing differently. Clients often report to me as being in a peaceful state, regardless of whether they are in heightened emotions or not. 

How long will it take for me to heal?

It wholly depends on every individual. Remember, you took your whole life time accumulating traumas. Forming associations and programming on the way. Do not expect them to be fully cleared in a day. If someone claims they can heal all of your lifetime traumas in one session, please know that it is a scam.


You are fully responsible in forming new pathways by the way you react and make choices in life after your session. That is when real change begins.

What if I don't feel any changes or experience any shifts in my reality after my session?

What a client usually feels after a session is a sense of calmness and peace, even though they may be experiencing events that cause emotional fluctuations. That state of calmness is always running in the background. Old triggers do not affect them anymore. 


If at the very unlikely event you do not experience any shifts at all after some time, you are still triggered by old trauma, you will need to address this with me so I can check what is up. I will always do everything within my power to help you. And if you still do not experience a shift, it is a clear sign that it is not the time for you yet. There are other experiences that you need to integrate with first, before this healing can integrate with you. Any healing that I have done for you, never goes to waste. The memory of my healing will be 'stored 'for you until a later time that you are ready to align with it. There have been clients that haven't experienced any shifts from the session then after 3 to 6 months, boom! It happens for them.

Often times a client books a session thinking that the trauma or issue can be resolved without taking responsibility on their part and uses it as an excuse not to change. This will prolong the healing process until the client acknowledges and takes accountability for their own life.

Can I get retraumatized again after a session?

If there is no lifestyle change by the client or the client is still living in the same conditions that started the trauma in the first place, it is possible to re-create the trauma again. A client may also feel a shift in perspective and would not feel triggered by the same environments.

Will I reach my goals in life after a session?

Clients often give me a list of what they want to become and what they want to achieve in life. The only thing that is blocking them from expressing their true power(which they have always had within) is trauma and negative associations in life. If only the trauma was released, they would be in a much better position to soar in life. So the answer is YES. However, the person that you NEED TO BECOME in order to achieve your goals in life is totally in your hands. How you choose to shape and build your character  is 100% your responsibility. My job is only to release those blocks for you in a trauma release session. 

I am offering personal power coaching for this purpose which is available here.

Please note that Trauma Release and Rebalancing Healing session is not a replacement for any professional medical or psychotherapeutic advice but used as a complement with existing treatments. Ranie Kitingan does not claim to be a psychologist or medical professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature. Anyone using this consulting service acknowledges that they have read and understood the details of this disclaimer. 

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