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Welcome to my services section!


Feel free to explore and choose the best option in how we could work together.


**Healing & Coaching Sessions, online products and handmade items are non-refundable or exchangeable after payment has been made.

Self pick-up is not permitted. All orders will be shipped.** 

Pyomizer 1.webp

Pyramid OM Energizer

  • Neutralizes EMF Radiation for it to be safe for our bodies

  • Converts deadly orgone energy into life forece energy

Ratna Soul Pyomizer


Private healing sessions to release, resolve and dissolve suppressed emotional trauma and reclaim your power in life.

Healing & Coaching Session


You can custom make your crystal bracelet according to your needs and intentions.

Custom Made Bracelet

Custom make your own Pyomizer as per the intentions and metaphysical properties you need.

Ratna Soul pyom orgonite 12.jpg

Custom Made PyOmizer

RSN Cheat Sheet.jpg

Explore and reveal your full potential just from your full birthdate. The readings are 90-99% accurate which you can immediately use to your advantage.

Birth Date Calculation Analysis (Full Version)

RSN Cheat Sheet.jpg

This is the basic version but as accurate as a full version report. Recommended for kids and even adults. 

Birth Date Calculation Analysis (Lite Version)

Ever wonder what other abilities & potentials you have that is not in your birth date report? Yes! There is more to your birth date than you think!

RSN Cheat Sheet.jpg

Unlock Your Ancestral Potential


Are you single or having issues in your relationship? Are you struggling to love yourself? Remember, you beautiful, have a superpower.

Dear Feminine Woman Book

Telegram Class self love.png

Often times you don't get why your life is full of obstacles. There is always is a reason behind it.  Learn how to OWN YOUR POWER and get your life back on track!

Get Your Life Right With Self Love Telegram Class

Your general 'vibration' changes every year in a 9 year cycle, find out what is in store for you this year!

Personal Yearly Energy Icon.jpg

Yearly Energy Report

Is there a wedding coming up? A new business to launch? Or planning a party? 

Check out auspicious dates of success for your event!

Dinner Party

Check Auspicious Dates

Want to have a strong and stable investment for your future and earn true wealth? 

Ranie can show you how!


Invest in Gold with Ranie's Guidance

Check the aura or energetic compatibility between you and your spouse or partner. This can also be used to check the compatibility with a business partner.

Compatibility Report.jpg

Couple's Compatibility Check


RSN Cheat Sheet.jpg


(NP: RM169)

Beginners & prerequisite for Level 2 

  • Personalities Of Root Numbers 1 - 9

  • Pythagorean Calculation Formula

  • Identifying the 8 Matrix Numbers

  • The Chasis Numbers

  • The Mirror & Popular Numbers

  • The Money Code

  • Career & Business for 1 - 9

  • Reference Manual & Cheat Sheet Included

RSN Cheat Sheet.jpg



This is a prerequisite for Level 3. Level 1 required.

  • Identifying The 13 Matrix Numbers

  • The Secret Talent Box

  • Yearly Energy 

  • Business Partner & Relationships Compatibility

  • Metaphysical Vibrations of House Numbers

  • Underlying Traits I

  • Pricing Your Products

  • All About Money

  • Reference Manual Included

RSN Cheat Sheet.jpg



Advanced Level & Certification  

- Level 1+2 Required

  • Underlying Traits II

  • Choosing Success Dates

  • Ancestral History and Inheritance 

  • Interpreting Phone Numbers

  • Names & Purpose in Life

  • Potential Ailments

  • Full Birthdate Calculation Format

  • Birthdate Case Study 

  • Using Numerology In Your Business

  • Reference Manual Included

  • Certification (Optional)

RSN Cheat Sheet.jpg

RSMN Full Online Course

Take all three levels at a discounted price.

  • Access to all Levels 1, 2 & 3 of RSMN online course.

  • Get certified as an RSMN numerologist practitioner.

Once you have purchased your course, simply login to your account and click
"My Courses" to enter.

Offline payment(Local transfer) is also available. Do send me an email ( first and be sure to already register as a member.  

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