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Ratna Soul MetaNumbers ONLINE Course

Accurate Birth Date Potential Reading with Ranie Kitingan

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My business skyrocketed ever since I understood the vibration of numbers and applied them in my life. I now teach my methods of reading a person like an open book and understanding the personal energy and potentials of a person with

90-99% ACCURACY.

Read a person's birth date and unlock all their hidden talents, potentials and strengths! An ancestral potential can be awaken in this lifetime!

Did you know?

That with just your birth date alone, you can unlock the secret powers that you were born with? Most people do not get to recognize how powerful they are their whole lives because of traumas, unconscious programming and disempowering belief systems. The consequence of this, people just do not feel that life can be better than the way they are now. They do not see their strengths and therefore cannot use them as their source of abundance in life. 

When Nikola Tesla said the secrets of the universe lies within the numbers 3,6,9, he was not wrong.

Used the right way, we can use the power of numbers to enhance and boost our life, our finances, our business, sales, relationships and money.  We can discover what vital energies we were born with, the elements that we control and the elements to avoid, because each person's personal vibration is different.

Have you ever wondered about...


  • Why do some people attract money naturally than others?

  • How do I know what is my financial energy?

  • What is the best career for me?

  • Why is it easier for some people to gain fame than others?

  • Why is a person prone to cheating? A player?

  • How does a person sell a product effortlessly and not YOU? We sell the same products and copy the same selling method, yet the other person has clients pouring in. (It's not because they're working hard)

  • "I know that I have this 'ability' but somehow I can't pin point it.


    Why some people are athletes and some people can't even maintain an exercise?

    Why some people need adrenaline rush - adventure and some people are softies?

    Why are some people so talkative and some people introverts?

    and many many more...

    Did you know that you can see all these energetic auras just from your birth date?

    With precise accuracy?

Once upon a time, reading one's personality traits and potentials was a complicated process. You had to take personality quizzes or refer to horoscopes (and still be left with more questions in your head). We also took the long way to find out through trial and errors in life, filtering through what you want in life, finding what works for you and what doesn't, figuring it out on your own and trying things out until we feel a sense of "Yes, this is the one!" 

 I do still believe that these methods are needed to decipher a person at some point. You should be the one to recognize your own talents and God given skills. It can be just as simple as talking. 

Yet, the best potentials still remain undiscovered by a majority of people.


To achieve the success that you want, it is mandatory to know yourself and your strengths really, really well. The more solid you are as a person with your strengths and sense of self, the greater and faster success will be.


Did you know that there is a short cut to discover your talents & key personality? 

A faster and accurate way to pin point your strengths and potentials?

I also do not need to know you personally in order to tell what kind of person you are. 


The key lies within your birth date. 


You would be astonished at how much your birth date alone can reveal about you.

Not only that, from your birth date alone we can also see your financial patterns and use it to your advantage the way it is in natural harmony with your money energy. From your birth date we are able to decode a person's character accurately, understand a person better and why they would act a certain way. The awareness of this has saved countless relationships from falling apart, bringing understanding and compassion to one another. 


Why do people become disconnected from themselves and lose sight of their purpose in life? The culprit is often emotional trauma and powerlessness in life.


Your birth date analysis will give you a guidance of where you can start your path, but ultimately, you are the driving force of the success that will happen. This is your freedom of choice that no one can take away from you. Own It.

Why is this reading accurate? Because it has already been scientifically researched, based on statistics.


There is no such thing as a bad birthdate. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses of their own. What someone is really good at does not necessarily mean you are good at too. We all have our own area of expertise. And therefore, it is a waste of time comparing your life with others. The key is to find out what it is.

In rsmn course, I will teach you techniques and hacks you can use to expand your life, attract money, and grow your business. Use these tools to help your clients build their self confidence and help them understand themselves. 

With the knowledge of RSMN, one can decipher a person's personal energetic vibration and discover what energies are in harmony with their own.

How can this method be accurate?

The method has been scientifically researched based on statistics. I learnt this method from my mentor, the late Xifu Ihsan and also have my own research base which I share in this course. With my experience & knowledge in trauma associations and unconscious blocks, I am able to dissect birth dates with precise accuracy.


  • If you are into alternative healing, crystals, psychology, 'fortune' telling, mentoring, coaching or even self empowerment, Ratna Soul MetaNumbers course will absolutely help you in understanding the energy and tendencies of your client accurately and realistically.

  • You can use it to boost your own business/help your clients check their relationship compatibility, filter out candidates that are suitable for a company, find out why a person is having financial problems and how they can maximize their money energy(and many more!).

  • You can specialize in birth date analyzing and offer this service because so many people do not recognize their own strengths that is essential to manifest their power of abundance in life.

  • You can even take this course to understand yourself deeper and use your hidden potentials to elevate your life.

  • This course is divided into 3 levels as my mode of teaching is always to "master the basics first" so that your foundation is solid before progressing to advanced calculations. Even with level 1 you can already start charging for your calculation consultations!

  • You do not have to have any experience or education in working with people professionally to help them discover their own strengths. 

  • You do not have to attend college for 3 years to learn how to empower other people and earn an income.

  • All you need is the passion and love to help others. If you dedicatedly pursue this, within just a month you can already master the RSMN technique. Your clients will be blown away by how accurate you read them (whether your service is through a birth date report or verbal consultation) without having met them before in your life.

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My course is simple to understand, direct to the point and comes with a reference manual for each level.

  • You will have access to the course for life

  • You can start studying the content at your own pace and own convenient time

  • Join a Telegram support group and ask questions related to the course level

  • You have the option to receive a certification from me in level 3 and be featured as a certified RSMN numerologist in Ratna Soul website.

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I am so excited to share this knowledge with you! What are you waiting for, go ahead and sign up now!

This course is conducted in English Language.

Once you have purchased your course, simply login to your account and click "My Courses" to enter.

Offline payment(Local transfer) is also available. Do send me an email ( first and be sure to already register as a member. 


(NP: RM169)

Beginners & prerequisite for Level 2 

Click here for full syllabus.



This is a prerequisite for Level 3. Level 1 required.

Click here for full syllabus.



Certification Level (Optional) - Level 1+2 Required

Click here for full syllabus.

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RSMN Full Online Course

(NP: RM999)

Take all three levels at a discounted price.

Click here for full syllabus.

  • Access to all Levels 1, 2 & 3 of RSMN online course.

  • Get certified as an RSMN numerologist practitioner.


Testimonials & Feedback

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"I've been researching numerology since the first time I read my Birthdate Calculation report from Teacher Ranie 2020. It was very interesting to me. Until I decided to get her RSMN course. I didn't expect that course would be too advance... There's a lot of new knowledge I learnt from the course. I was having fun learning... Her teaching also very easy to understand. After I finally certified from RSMN I decided to open my own business in birthdate calculation based on RSMN formula.. In day one, I choose the success date (as Teacher thought in course) to announce my new business as RSMN numerologist ... I get 14 client in just one day asking for their basic calculation report .. How amazing is that... Thank you so much Teacher Ranie.. Im grateful beyond words.... 😭🙏🏻"​


"I must say this course brings a big impact in my life. The most impactful effect on me is; I release judgement towards others and myself. Negative thoughts do passed by, but I'm able to dismiss them immediately. I feel so much at peace, and I feel like abundance is rushing towards me. How numerology affect my life this way? Because I know my potentials, and all the blocks are from my unresolved trauma. From there I learned what to heal myself from. You seriously helped me A LOT. You opened up my mind. Thank you so much sis. May God bless you abundantly. Love, Detelley"​

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"I've applied everything I learnt in this course especially how to benefit from the vibration of the numbers in my life. The results are almost instantaneously! Since I am always interested in human characters and people love to seek advice from me, I got certified as one of the numerologists to expand my interest. In a week, I already got my waiting list until mid of next month 🙏 But apart from income potential, what I love the most is the reaction of my clients after they received their report, it is priceless when they discover part of them! I love what I do and in every client's birthdate I counted, I always discover new things through people's life, this indirectly helps me in my self development too! I am blessed ❤️"​


"Ratna Soul MetaNumbers Course is an excellent and simplified course module. Ranie is a great teacher and numerologist as it’s easy to understand the teaching and learning process. The course is so valuable and available at reasonable price, my gratitude to Ranie for giving the opportunity to learn and sharing the knowledge. Thank you."​

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