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Booking Session Time Zone: (GMT+8) Malaysia

Language: English, Malay

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Personal Session Form

Please complete the "Personal Session Form" before booking any of Ranie's Healing and Coaching sessions (excluding Recovering States of Consciousness). This will enable Ranie to understand you better and your reasons for seeking help. It also helps her to estimate the length of the session you need. Ranie will contact you via email 24 – 48 hours upon receiving your session form to schedule your session.

Healing & Coaching Sessions

RM333 (1 Package)

Clearing and completing trauma that has been blocking you from expressing the person you were meant to be in life. Emotional trauma release behind fear, anxiety, physical ailments, panic attacks, disempowerment, low self esteem, lack and negative associations with life. 

RM289 (1 Session)

Resolves emotional stress during your conception, birth and time in the womb. This package can create powerful shifts and further open new doors in one's life.

It is recommended for clients to have already done a Trauma Release & Rebalancing session.

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RM269 (1 Session)

This is a private 90 minute online relationship counselling/coaching session with Ranie.

Ranie coaches both men and women.

Note: You do not have to do a Trauma Release & Rebalancing session for this.

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