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If you need a different type of shape that isn't in these listings, do email me at

If you are ordering internationally, also do email me.

Ratna Soul PyOmizers are made with love and peace. Every quartz crystal has been cleansed. No further cleansing is needed after that. Each piece is done uniquely and once it's sold, it's gone. A PyOmizer will cleanse, purify and broadcast high vibration energy wherever it is placed. There are not many research about this online, but I have found that a PyOmizer is also effective with low vibration spirits. They are not able to be near this device because they feel pulled by it. I do make PyOmizers with specific intentions for customers if they believe their house is haunted, being haunted, have stubborn spirits that won't leave and for breaking curses/hexes.

While I love making them look aesthetically nice as possible, my primary goal is that it functions well to benefit my customers on an energetic level. There may be slight imperfections, bubbles or rough patches bringing character to each piece. Please take note before you place an order.  

**All creations are hand crafted by myself. I do not do rushed orders. I craft each of my creations with care and love while catering to many clients at the same time. If you need an order to be done at a certain time, you may enquire and is subject to my available schedule. I truly appreciate your patience and kind understanding. 

Peace & love,


Ratna Soul PyOmizer(Pyramid Om Energizer) or PYOM: Shop
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