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Be ready to discover the hidden,
powerful side of you...


Greetings with my love and respects.
My name is Ranie Kitingan, I am a numerologist, trauma release healer, relationship & personal development coach 

If you have been guided to this site, it may be an indication of uncertainty in your life. It is my goal and dedication to empower my clients by revealing their true potentials from the numbers that appear in their birth date calculation, with 90-99% accuracy.


I also work to resolve stagnant emotional traumas and emotional blocks that keep a person from achieving their goals and progressing in life that prevents one from recognizing their own potentials.

Why do a birth date analysis? 


Once upon a time, reading one's personality traits and potentials was a complicated process. You had to take personality quizzes or refer to horoscopes (and still be left with more questions in your head). We also took the long way to find out through trial and errors in life, filtering through what you want in life, finding what works for you and what doesn't, figuring it out on your own and trying things out until we feel a sense of "Yes, this is the one!" 

 I do still believe that these methods are needed to decipher a person at some point. You should be the one to recognize your talents and god given skills. It can be just as simple as talking. 

Yet, the best potentials still remain undiscovered by a majority of people.


To achieve the success that you want, it is mandatory to know yourself and your strengths really, really well. The more solid you are as a person with your strengths and sense of self, the greater and faster success will be.


Did you know that there is a short cut to discover your talents? 

A faster and accurate way to pin point your strengths and potentials?

I also do not need to know you personally in order to tell what kind of person you are. 


The key lies within your birth date. 


You would be astonished at how much your birth date alone can reveal about you.

Not only that, from your birth date alone we can also see your financial patterns and use it to your advantage the way it is in natural harmony with your money energy. From your birth date we are able to decode a person's character accurately, understand a person better and why they would act a certain way. The awareness of this has saved countless relationships from falling apart, bringing understanding and compassion to one another. 


Why do people become disconnected from themselves and lose sight of their purpose in life? The culprit is often emotional trauma and powerlessness in life.


Your birth date analysis will give you a guidance of where you can start your path, but ultimately, you are the driving force of the success that will happen. This is your freedom of choice that no one can take away from you. Own It.

Why is this reading accurate? Because it has already been scientifically researched, based on statistics.


There is no such thing as a bad birthdate. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses of their own. What someone is really good at does not necessarily mean you are good at too. We all have our own area of expertise. And therefore, it is a waste of time comparing your life with others. The key is to find out what it is. 

If you are interested, feel free to explore my services and how we could work together on your personal development.

If you are into alternative healing, crystals, psychology, mentoring, coaching or even self empowerment, I also offer Ratna Soul MetaNumbers numerology online course that will help you accurately decipher the energy of a person and multiplying your earning capabilities.


You are divinely loved,

Ranie Kitingan

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